The Sloe Slippers are a group to watch for those who are fans of Americana

The Sloe Slippers are making their way into the Americana/Bluegrass scene with their debut Still Around.  Throughout its duration Still Around takes the listener on a seven song journey through the America all the way to California.  This song brings imagery of life on the ranch drinking moonshine you brewed yourself while listening to The Sloe Slippers perform in the barn.  From a glance at their most listened cities it appears the group is from the bay area but it might make more sense for them to locate to a music city such as Nashville.  A couple personal favorites from the track are the opener “Oh Daddy” which opens the record with gusto.  Another favorite is “The Road Is Long” because of the harmonic minor key with the turn around dominant V chord.  The strings throughout the record are awesome with well thought out melodic structure but performed in a way that makes it seem as though the player was performing off the cuff.  The Sloe Slippers are a group to watch for those who are fans of Americana/Bluegrass.

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