James Hatem “Regret This Day”

Bluesy rock and comparable to artists Spencer Ludwig, this song if fun, positive, and upbeat.  “Regret This Day is a song that mixes high energy with bright horns and aggressive guitar riffs” from the manager of the band when they sent this song to me.  The instrumentation is similar to acts like Bruno Mars as well and the driving rhythms is sure to get anyone out of their chair and dancing.  The song follows a fairly standard pop format in terms of verse and chorus and the bridge gives the bass and drums a chance to show off while the vocals repeat “oh my love we are done here”.  The last chorus of the song is nothing less than controlled chaos giving all the melodic instruments such as the guitar and horn sections a chance to rip while the familiar vocal hook repeats itself and the dynamics swell before the chorus ends on a high energy choreographed hit by the band.  “Regret This Day” is a fun and upbeat song that is definitely something to play when the energy of your day needs a boost.

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