Lo-fi surf punk, Glenlord Ghost wants a life with “No Structure”

Lo-fi rock is Glenlord Ghost playing music comparable to early Wavves or Metz.  This basement mosh music is nostalgic to a Boston basement show where people are swinging from the pipes, the music is turned up so loud, and the band is playing faster than the record was recorded.  The guitar wanders around a fragile melody as the singer croons “oh”s in an ascending melodic pattern and the drums crash ride thrash through the tune.  “No Structure” gains prosody through being a lo-fi rock song that creates the sense of a life without structure and resentment of a life of indentured servitude to the invention of the dollar.  Stick it to the man with “No Structure” by Glenlord Ghost, I don’t want to have to have a 401K either.

See below for attached artist biography.

“Glenlord Ghost is the dreamy rock collaboration of Jesse Houston and Noah Biasco. Music dealing with all of the feeling that come with being trapped in a job in the pursuit of money, true happiness, family and friendship. Noah and Jesse realized they were going through the exact same experience and through a shared interest in music began working together to make music that can help others who are going through the same crisis. Life.”

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