Mending releases “Julia is Done With Asheville”

Mending releases “Julia is Done With Asheville” and the song is a lengthy dark and tranquil piece that features various sound fx, a lonesome piano track, and a layered female voice that is both sweet and soft as well as melancholic and haunting.  I personally see “Julia is Done With Asheville” as a sync placement for a video game loading or waiting screen for a post apocalyptic game.  Tranquil and haunting would be the best two words to describe “Julia is Done With Asheville” by Mending.  See attached artist biography below.


We Gathered at Wakerobin Hollow is a four hour, 40 song speculative narrative, being released in nine chapters over 18 months. Combining folk songwriting with drone and noise, the songs trace the lives of a family and friends over a 40 year period in a series of connected vignettes. The broad narrative, told chronologically from multiple points-of-view, is set in motion by a catastrophic fire at an oil refinery in Odena, Alabama. From there we follow a handful of characters, as children become adults, spread out to Asheville, New York, and Bennington, get jobs, fall in and out of love, families grow, until coastal flooding and other impacts of climate change transform their day-to-day lives, eventually leading them all to Odena and Wakerobin Hollow.

The songs, arranged for piano, voice, synthesizers, noise and field-recording, explore female friendship, authoritarianism, familial relationships, and the ways climate change is, and will, affect our lives.

We Gathered at Wakerobin Hollow will be released in nine chapters, on cassette and digital, with a new chapter every two months from August 2018-January 2020. As the cycle progresses through time, it sonically degrades, so the closing songs are marked by digital decay increasingly obscuring the narrative.

RIYL: Julianna Barwick, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Stars of the Lid, Tim Hecker, Amiina, Grouper

We Gathered at Wakerobin Hollow ~ Chapter 02: A Few Years in Asheville

In this chapter, spanning Year 18-30, we follow Marsha and Julia to college in Asheville and into their lives there after graduation. Meanwhile, Alan, having left his family in Odena, wanders the southeast a decade after the refinery fire, struggling with trauma, homelessness, and alcohol.



Alan Wandering

Marsha Works a Weird Shift

Julia is Done with Asheville

Alan Drifting


“[M]arked by a sense of weight and poignancy, the melancholic-yet-affirming instrumentation almost conjuring The Antlers’ Hospice… Ultimately, this sense of awe is what marks the first chapter, and the ambition to explore it so profoundly and patiently seems to be Mending’s unique talent.” — Various Small Flames

“Gorgeous piano melodies and aching drones underscore a sweeping family drama … the drone-folk equivalent of In Search of Lost Time.” – Tome to the Weather Machine

“[B]eautiful combination of sounds and soundscapes, of life yet un-introduced, known, or which we cannot visit yet. The dreamy feel of the atmospheres they create are delectable and juicy.” – Come Here Floyd

The Characters:

Emma: runs the farm at Wakerobin Hollow in Odena

Jen: her younger sister, also stays in Odena

Julia: a friend, attends college in Asheville, ends up in Brooklyn

Marsha: a friend, college in Asheville, also moves to Brooklyn, then back to Odena

Alan: Emma and Jen’s father, worked (and was injured) at the refinery

Jon: Emma’s husband

Christopher: Emma and Jon’s son, born in Year 33

The Settings:

Odena and Jacksontown




Release Dates:

08/03/2018 – Chapter 01: It All Starts in Odena ~ Year 00-17

10/05/2018 – Chapter 02: A Few Years in Asheville ~ Year 18-30

12/07/2018 – Chapter 03: Year 31-32

02/01/2019 – Chapter 04: Year 32-33

04/05/2019 – Chapter 05: Year 33

06/07/2019 – Chapter 06: Year 33-34

08/02/2019 – Chapter 07: Year 35-36

10/04/2019 – Chapter 08: Year 37-38

12/06/2019 – Chapter 09: Year 39-40


Words and Music by Kate Adams and Joshua Dumas

Recorded and mixed by Joshua Dumas at Pieholden Suite Sound, Chicago IL.

Additional recording at Shape Shoppe, Chicago IL and New York University, Abu Dhabi UAE

Mastered by Scott Craggs at Old Colony Mastering, Scituate, RI.


Kate Adams is a singer songwriter currently based in Chicago. She writes dreamy folk songs and plays under her own name as well as with Mending. Joshua Dumas is a sound artist and composer whose recent work has focused on the Climate Data Suites, a series of installations and performances that interpret ecological datasets into music; and 36 Peaks, a video, sound and performance piece with Sarah Cameron Sunde developed in residency at the Baryshnikov Arts Center Spring 2018. He lives in New York and performs with Mending and Weatherman.”

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