“Daisies” by Frith, first the piano gets you…

Pop sensible and a production peppered with hooks and a virtuoso piano motif is “Daisies” by Frith.  “Daisies” is both uplifting and melancholic.  “Travis Frith Warner, better known as Frith, is a musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, CA. Best known for his lyrics, which chase metaphors down winding paths, creating imaginative worlds and stories, Frith is also a talented arranger and orchestrator.”  The first thing I noticed when listening to this tune was the choice in instrumentation adding woodwinds and a low ominous distorted synthesized bass, mostly what I’m getting at is “Daisies” by Frith is a lush and dense harmonic production that will capture any listener.


Today Frith dropped his debut single “Daisies” which features a dazzling instrumental coupled with introspective lyrics.  Pepper in hooks such as a quick witted piano riff and you’ve got “Daisies” by Frith.




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