Paul Smith “Around and Around”

A catchy indie song “Around and Around” is a song by Paul Smith who sings with a timbre that feels a little left of center.  The arrangement is both simple and complex with layers of vocals and a guitar panned right that has a tremolo setting however tone wise the song remains consistent and instead uses changes in the harmony and dynamic levels to convey the change of sections which is a less on the nose and seems a mature choice.  Mature is a great word to use to describe “Around and Around” while the lyrics speak to growing up and a journey into adulthood.

“In the wake of recent track Silver Rabbit – a story of self-doubt and regret channelled through overdriven guitars – comes brand new single Around and Around. While Silver Rabbit‘s tense power-pop gave the Grunge era a fresh lick of paint, Around and Around takes a look at the world and isn’t particularly enamoured with what it sees, detailing the futile merry-go-round of political spin.”

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