The Living Roomers “SCREW YOU”


Angst on angst is The Living Roomers “SCREW YOU” this band clearly doesn’t give a fuck.  They’re happy performing their punk rock and looking cool not caring what you think.  Born out of mid-city an area just south of Hollywood that has venues like The Mint this band would be more well off performing the Smell in DTLA for a younger moshier crowd.  The song is simple like a punk song should and doesn’t follow a metronome which is refreshing as fuck given I spend all day going through submissions of sampled drum loops at 120bpm, The Livin Roomers are definitely not that.  “SCREW YOU” is a refreshing song in a music climate dominated by middle of the road tracks.  For fans of Cherry Grazerr, Pinky Pinky, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nico, Pussy Riot, Courtney Barnett.  Please see attached artist biography below.

“The Living Roomers started in the living room of the band’s home in the Mid City of LA in late 2017. Comprised of Tru, Lucky and Rico, the Roomers are influenced by the Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Ramones, Velvet Underground, X, The White Stripes, Joy Division and Courtney Barnett among many others. The trio just self-released their first single, “Screw You”, with a limited 500 copies on 7” colored vinyl, and are proud to unveil the video for the track.

Discussing “Screw You”, frontwoman Tru says, “It’s not just a coincidence that this song starts on the snare drum, cuz it’s a march – a call to action. As a woman, I’m sick of people, not just the patriarchy, but anyone who tries to put people, and women in particular, in boxes. I mean, you can tell from the way I sing it, well, I literally say it, I’m angry and things are messy! But the song isn’t just feminist, it goes out to anyone who feels oppressed, and that’s its main appeal, I think. Well, and it rocks hard!”

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