Youthful, infectious, and angsty is “Out of My Head” by Ponte Pilas

Youthful, infectious, and angsty is “Out of My Head” by Ponte Pilas.  Comparable to acts such as passion project The Foxboro Hot Tubs.  The arrangement is simple like punk rock should be featuring a raw performance that features no production tricks that couldn’t be pulled off live in an authentic and organic way.  Compressed to the max are the crash rides which give it a radio feel that takes place during a virtuoso guitar solo.  The guitar work absolutely rips in “Out of My Head” by Ponte Pilas.  The vocal timbre is exciting and energetic and the tempo is fast.  For fans of everything unapologetic rock and roll.  Please see attached artist biography and link to stream “Out of My Head” below.

“Berlin-based rock ’n’ roll band Ponte Pilas formed in February 2017. The group consists of Scottish frontman Calum Bolland and Ecuadorians Daniel Rivera (drums), Ismael Rivera (lead guitar) and Alejandro Iturralde (bass).

Their sound is defined at once by their various individual influences from Iggy Pop to Oasis and mutual love of good old fashioned rock ’n’ roll. The name Ponte Pilas (eng: ‘put on your batteries’) originates from the slang equivalent of “snap out of it” in Ecuadorian Spanish and reflects the bands international lineup and energetic live shows. They have developed a strong following in Berlin and are part of an emerging independent rock scene.

Their debut E.P. ‘Young Perros‘ was the culmination of a frantic nine months of performing in Berlin, in which they played around 25 shows at venues including SAGE, SO36, Musik & Frieden and made a powerful impact on the Berlin rock scene. Recorded at the famous TRIXX Studios, their debut Young Perros was released at Urban Spree on 23rd November in a hotly anticipated gig that sold out three days in advance.

The quartet has been promoting Young Perros and preparing their next release by touring cities like Prague, Leipzig and Karlsruhe in the last months. Their upcoming single is the long awaited “Out Of My Head” and it is scheduled to be released on the 6th of October at Cassiopeia in what will be their biggest show to date. This follows tour dates in the Netherlands which include supporting The Wedding Present.”

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