“Enough” Stains of a Sunflower OUT TODAY!

Stains of a Sunflower was one of the first acts I covered when I started Its Not Records and I’m happy to report that today marks their latest single “Enough”.  Stains of a Sunflower are a band out of Boston that have been playing together for a while before they started releasing music together and are all masters of their own instruments.  The lyrics are heartfelt and performed in a confrontational way which is no surprise since the subject of our song sounds as though they’ve been hurt a number of times by the person they’re singing too.  On “Enough” Natalie Renée always delivers an incredible vocal performance able to reach deep to perform some truly outstanding dynamic and melodic changes. Dan Soghomonian delivers a virtuoso bass line that is both subtle and gripping at the same time.  They are currently based in Los Angeles and I encourage anyone within a 25 mile radius of the Whisky to be in attendance on November 17th and if you haven’t yet check out their debut EP because it contains some invigorating musicianship and songwriting.

“STAINS OF A SUNFLOWER offers a unique and confidently delivered modern twist on the classic elements of impassioned, ’60s-kissed folk. The 4-piece alt-folk rock band is led by Natalie Renée, San Franciscan songwriter and lead vocalist, and is from Boston MA and currently based out of Los Angeles, CA. “

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