Raven Grey “Tension”

Raven Grey “Tension”, features punchy programmed drums, atmospheric harmony, and an angelic vocal performance from Raven Grey.  The maturity within both the lyrics and arrangement of “Tension” doesn’t sound like a debut it sounds like an aged single.  If a rock act such as The Maine put out “Tension” it would be the pinnacle of at least their latest release if not their career.  It’d be the one song you look for by that artist on your friends phone when browsing their downloaded music.  “Tension” ends on a belted note that is the apex of the song and makes the listener want to rewind back to the beginning.  Definitely worth a listen in our opinion.  See attached streaming and notes from the artist below.

From the artist

“This is part 1 of 3 from my Comfort EP. Tension is an exploration of the disconnection between people. Tension is the antithesis to chemistry because it allows barriers to get in the away of relationships and in between people. It’s not a sulky pleading for love, it’s a release of pressure.

I wrote Tension on the floor of a sound booth with my acoustic guitar. It poured out of me during a difficult relationship situation and was a cathartic motivator to prove to myself that I could rise above. Music is a powerful thing and I hope that this song helps other people to release their tension and barriers and be connected.

I get to welcome you into Obsidian, the world I’ve created for this song and all my future music on October 17th. The video will be live on my website and YouTube Channel.”

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