Sons Of Stereo “West Coast”

Sons Of Stereo “West Coast” is a fun and uplifting romance song that features gritty guitars and punchy drums.  “Sons Of Stereo is an Alternative Rock group from the Kansas City metro area. Combining modern-day sounds and sonic elements from the 80’s, their music supplies a unique twist of innovation and familiarity.”  The timbre of the vocals is slightly raspy which is the biggest deviation from Sons of Stereo and other more familiar mainstream acts which is endearing and perhaps a way for Sons of  Stereo to carve their own niche within the mainstream.  “West Coast” tells tales of discovery and young lust as the protagonist experiences a new lover like the waves of the Pacific ocean.  Any song about the “West Coast” conjures imagery of Santa Monica and Malibu with surfers, piers, and posh lifestyle.  “West Coast” is the debut single from Sons of Stereo and it will be interesting to see how they follow it up.  They’d definitely find a scene for them if they relocated to the west coast and started performing on the Hollywood.


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