“Take Off” by Whitehill Grove

Heavy, infectious, and well produced to put, “Take Off” by Whitehill Grove.  First impressions are that the vocals sound mid-heavy which gives it a megaphone effect that is fitting for the aggressive nature of “Take Off”.  The drums are punchy and the guitars carry a grit that portrays a sense of urgency that features a good use of prosody with the lyrics “in the blink of an eye you’ll be gone”.  The vocal performance carries desperation which makes brings the listener into the situation of the lyrics.  The apex of the melody is during the chorus falls on the “away” second line and it’ll give you chills.  The arrangement is fairly standard verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, doubled chorus which to some could be cookie cutter but for a casual listener makes “Take Off” an angst driven tune that is also digestible.  I highly recommend checking it out for fans of hard rock, my only critique is I think with some different recording techniques the song could be more mainstream rock as of right now it shouldn’t be described as lo-fi but it isn’t quite as polished as some chart toppers.  Artistically I love “Take Off” and will be sure to check out some of their other EPs and Singles that you can find on Spotify or whatever preferred streaming service you use.  Find below attached artist notes and a quick authors note.


“Take Off sums up Whitehill Grove with big guitar riffs and catchy vocal melodies. It shows a progression from the band’s previous “lighter” sound and appeals to an audience used to the heavier side of indie rock.

Whitehill Grove are an indie rock band based in Edinburgh, forming in 2015. Having been on the scene for over 3 years the band has played with the likes of The Bohicas, Idlewild, Clay and Catholic Action.

The band have toured Scotland and the UK, with plans to expand their horizons over the rest of 2018 and 2019.”

***authors inflammatory note***

This is what the latest Arctic Monkeys release should’ve sounded like instead of the delusional lounge lamenting of a washed up frontman (that said I am still going to see them this Wednesday at the Hollywood Bowl).

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