Jordan Silver debuts on Spotify with a heartfelt lament to Maryland

Jordan Silver debuts on Spotify with a heartfelt lament to a hometown missed and romance lost.  Crooning over hindsight and how to miss all the signs of growing up and friends moving on.  Jordan Silvers lyrics are as authentic, honest, and contain vivid imagery of a nostalgia for his hometown, family, and friends who are all in Maryland even name dropping the chain Texas Roadhouse in an early verse.  The instrumentation and arrangement of the track is fairly standard, it starts out with a thin acoustic guitar that might be too thin for my taste but quickly fleshes out with a punchy drum kit that backs his crooning as he asks “Do you miss Maryland?”.  The production stays full tilt for the bulk of “Maryland” although given the sentimental value of the song it starts and ends pianissimo minimalist.  Find link to steaming and attached mini-bio for Jordan Silver below.

“Jordan Silver is a NYC based singer-songwriter living in Washington Heights. He’s 24 years old, primarily plays guitar and sings his own music. He’s also playwright who focuses on creating a story with the lyrics of his tunes”

insta: JSilv25

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