Squatcho “Oh Mary”

Infectious punk rockers from Bakersfield, CA Squatcho give you a fun song called “Oh Mary”.  “Oh Mary” is about being an unorganized stoner and waking up with “your clothes on backwards” and playing “the fool of a reoccuring slacker”.  I can relate this song to a time in my life where I was slacking so hard I’d forget to eat for a day and just lie in bed doing nothing.  The song features distorted electric guitars, bass, and driving drums.  This song reminds me of the Big Lebowski and Squatcho are the dudes.  Check out the song and biography below!


“Born out of the dusty, hot ag & oil lands of Bakersfield, California, Squatcho formed in a landscape then proliferated with a strange dominance of country western and nu-metal. Their sound—which merged the intelligence and attack of indie rock with the irresistible hooks and melodies of classic power pop—was a lifeline to the misfit youth and 20-somethings of a city and culture they couldn’t identify with.

Heavily influenced in turns by the orchestrated brilliance of the Beatles, 80’s college radio, and the alternative movement of 90s—bands like Nirvana, Weezer, and Sloan—Squatcho composes vibrant, addictive music that attracts devoted fans, newcomers, and perennial wallflowers alike to their unabashedly honest sound.

The standard line-up of Squatcho sees Dylan Geurtsen at the mic and guitar, Johnny Wall on drums, and Don Collins vacillating between lead guitar and keyboards with members Tommy Alexander (bass/guitar) and Granny Wheeler (bass) returning for live performances. But Squatcho never colors inside the lines and a series of musical chairs regularly shifts the alignment with Johnny or Don seamlessly alternating into pole position as lead vocalist—adding layers of dusty country, glue sniffing punk, and synth-infused indie pop to the alternative mainstay that is the set keystone of the Squatcho sound.

Their first self-titled EP Squatcho was released in 2000 on Dr. Wu Records, followed by the self-produced LP Horses in 2002. In 2004, Squatcho signed a development deal and subsequently recorded an album with Grammy award-winning producer Dave Cobb. In the midst of a crumbling music industry, the album was never released and the band broke up. After a 14-year hiatus, Squatcho is back with a new album Out Of Place, set for release in winter 2018. Though their home bases now stretch from California to Oregon to Hawaii, advancements in home recording technology and online file transfers have closed the gap in distance and resulted in a sound perhaps even more united now than ever.”

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