Sam Florian feat. Ia Obertg “In My Body”

Indie electro and very fun “In My Body” by Sam Florian and featuring Ia Obterg on vocals is sure to get your toe tapping.  Mid-tempo and full of confidence that juxtaposes the lyrical topic of the song “In My Body” is carried by arpeggio and pad synthesizers as well as a drum track that occasionally is put through some processing to give it an underwater feeling.  Bordering on 80s influence “In My Body” is a song for millennial hipsters who’ve relocated recently to a major city.  Feeling out of place is something that 99.99% of people can relate to and “In My Body” cleverly makes you feel less alone for sometimes feeling that way.  Below you can check out the track and artist a brief biography.

“Following up his latest single “Morning Lights” released by both Hybris and Kitsuné Maision – currently with over 500 000 plays at Spotify – Sam Florian continues to cultivate his hallmark of blending bedroom pop with lo-fi indie.

“In My Body” is a duet with singer Ia Oberg and revolves around not being comfortable with your body and the angst that come with it.

Sam Florian is currently working on his debut album to be released in 2019. He has so far released three singles this year – “Days”,”Color Noir” and “Morning Lights”.”

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