OcnSide “Bless Your Soul” is an uplifting new song out today!

Featuring a strong male fronted lead vocal that has a melodic and dynamic range is “Bless Your Soul” by OcnSide which is out as of today.  “Bless Your Soul” features a particularly epic set of choices in terms of performance.  “Bless Your Soul” has layers of vocals for days as well as a simple yet driving rhythm that will compel any listener to stand up and shout to the sky with an uplifted and enlightened spirit.  Please see attached notes on the song from the artist and if you’re in Los Angeles make sure to check them out!


“Bless Your Soul” is the latest single from LA’s OcnSide.

“Bless Your Soul” really tries to encompass the distress and heartache of life, but at the same time, it seeks to throw a positive spin and encourage uniqueness and individuality. Also, picking yourself up despite everything and being able to look around and say to yourself “it’s going to be alright.” Go after life and be anything, don’t be afraid.

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