Si Clancy “Mephedrone”

Dramatic and lush, Si Clancy “Mephedrone” is a dark arrangement that features male lead vocals that have quiet the dynamic and melodic range.  Featuring an arrangement that starts with a soft chamber orchestra that flows into a male lead and a soft acoustic, piano, and chamber that stop abruptly in a jump scare for the listener.  The second half of this verse features soaring falsetto and the vocal layers start to add up.  The piece starts to build up as the violin and voice play virtuoso melodic lines right before the vocal takes over and becomes gritty and emotional.  The pieces apex occurs when the vocals and some strings start to improvise lines as the drums swell and just like that it is back to a legato pianissimo performance.  What should capture a listener most about this song is the lush arrangement, the improvised performances on violin and voice combined with the unison lines, and the jump scares that occur through sudden dynamic changes.  “Mephedrone” is for fans of artists such as Radiohead, Muse, or Damien Rice.  Si Clancy has been putting out music since 2014 and “Hush Now” is off a three song EP titled Lost In The Machine.  Check out streaming and artist biography below.

“In What’ll It Be, a new friendship is twisted into a bittersweet sense of uncertainty amidst the machine of the mundane and the mire of daily routine and responsibility,” explains Clancy. “That idea is where the title of the EP germinated. The uncertainty leads to bitterness, leads to distance, and ultimately to self-doubt, hostility and a host of questions about where you go from here.”


Influenced by fellow troubadours Bruce Springsteen, Damien Rice and Glen Hansard, Clancy’s songs are emotionally direct and driven by lush instrumentation that draws on folk, classical and rock. To get the full band sound he wanted for this EP, the singer-songwriter assembled a talented group of players to flesh out his new songs – musicians who’ve played with Badly Drawn Boy, Travis, Natalie Imbruglia and Anna Calvi amongst others – and utilised the vast experience of Abbey Road engineers to give the songs a widescreen power and polish. A regular on BBC local radio in the past few years, these new songs will see him reach a wider audience and cement his reputation as one of the rising talents of British songwriting.”


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“Mephedrone”, taken from the new “Lost in the Machine” EP, released on September 1st, 2018.

Produced by Jez Burns with Si Clancy. Recorded at Yellow Bean Studios in Leicester, UK. Mixed and engineered by Jez Burns. Mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios, London.

All tracks written by Simon Clancy © 2011-2018.


Si Clancy / Vocals, Guitars

John Bean / Cello

Martha Bean / String and Brass Arrangement, Piano

Jez Burns / Bass Guitar, Additional Instruments

Mirka Hoppari / Viola

Paula Pickering (The Daydream Club) / Background Vocals

Rob Rosa / Violin

Alex Thomas / Drums, Percussion

Rick Willson / Electric Guitars

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