Sammy and the Cosmos “How Lucky I Am”

Uplifting and energetic with a positive spin on lyrics that is refreshing to the ears is Sammy and the Cosmos “How Lucky I Am”.  Featuring a lush pop rock arrangement that supports the gritty vocals of Sammy Kestenbaum which soar angelically through “How Lucky I Am” as he croons over heartache fixed.  “How Lucky I Am” examines the emotional recovery following a romantic breakup through the lens of someone that is healing, stronger, and ready to move forward.  “How Lucky I Am” is a straight forward pop-rock production that features a stadium level guitar solo, clean and groovy bass fills, thrashing driving drums, and a vocal take that sounds authentic and organic.  The appeal of “How Lucky I Am” could cross between both country and rock music and might be a solid fit for a country artist to cover.  Looking forward to what comes next for Sammy and the Cosmos as they are getting hotter coming off a recent semi-finalist placement of the second song from their EP “Bulletproof Vest”.

“Previously as the Sammy Ray Band (SRB), “the Cosmos” started in 2014 as a modern day classic rock project under writer, pianist, and lead singer Sam Kestenbaum, a New York City based businessman and entrepreneur.

In 2014, SRB released their album ‘Remember Me’, showcasing an ability to produce songs with an ear-worming effect, similiar to singer-songwriter rock of the 70s. After taking a 3 year hiatus from the music scene due to personal events, Sammy re-emerged a changed person and a matured writer and musician. With a bunch of new song ideas in hand, Sammy teamed up with Dan Rauchwerk from Lords of Liechtenstein to write music for the new band, Sammy and the Cosmos.

Their music is rich in heart and catchy to the ear, spanning across the spectrum of rock and always delivering something new and fresh with classic flair.”

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