Jay Miners “Something Alive”

A somber piano intro starts as the lead singer sighs as she walks through the door.  However it isn’t long before things start to turn around for our protagonist.  The repetitive piano motif becomes ingrained in the listener as the string section ascends and the back beat hits at the two minute mark.  The lush arrangement of “Something Alive” is what keeps the listener engaged for so long.  Jay Miners vocal melody is atmospheric, angelic, and ethereal.  For me it sparks a sense of wonder and empowerment within myself that makes me feel like no day is too difficult to tackle.  Jay Miners “Something Alive” is for those music listeners who enjoy a sense of mystery within the lyrics and authentic instrumentals.  Please see attached information provided by the artist Jay Miners below.



Folk-pop singer/songwriter Jay Miners just released the first single off of her new upcoming EP. An uplifting tune with a lush string arrangement, an augmenting cinematic feel, and emotionally constructed lyrics, “Something Alive” reflects intense and universal hope, strength and aspiration. Take a listen below!

Jay dropped her debut EP “This Is How You Fight” in 2016 and has since played shows at venues such as Rockwood Music Hall, Silvana, and The West End Lounge. She released the music video for “Something Alive” on October 14th, and her new EP will be out in early 2019.


Listen here: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/6cqcFA…

Bandcamp: https://jayminers.bandcamp.com/track/…

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