“Creature” has a humorous edge I find endearing

This is art.  A low budget video and a crunchy guitar gives this song a humorous edge I find endearing.  This video was made in 2018 and if the clarity on the video wasn’t so great I would’ve guessed this song was from the 60s or 70s with the retro vintage swagger of surf rock.  You could doo-wop and swing dance to this style all night long.

The song is fairly standard in terms of surf rock instrumentation with two guitars chunking along with a crunch and bouncy thin toned drums.  What is most exciting is the singer really puts himself out there with his performance.  This song could’ve been featured in the Rocky Horror Picture Show or something along those lines.  Zoinks this song is really fun.


About “Creature”

You think you are the caveman that discovered fire. You think you are the baboon in the jungle banging his fists against his chest. You think you are the black mamba slithering through the Savannah. But you are not any of those things. You have been cornered and you are the prey.

About Buffalo Sex Change

Buffalo Sex Change sound like Buddy Holly’s Beechcraft Bonanza crashing into a snowy corn field, Little Richards heel banging piano keys, and the glass scratching against Iggy Pops chest. We’re David Johansen’s red lipstick and high heels. We’re David Bowie’s milk, red peppers, and cocaine. We’re black leather rock n roll babies. We’re your 21st century rock n roll band. It’s the big boppers last call coming through your phone. Helloooo baby. We’re here. Revving the motorcycle outside your window. It’s gonna shoot straight through your heart. Drag race between your ears. You can click the heels on your blue suede shoes and dream baby dream about going home, but it won’t do you any good…. We have decided to move in.

Buffalo Sex Change was featured on Spotify’s official fresh finds: six strings play list recently and is currently charting #109 on NACC charts top 200. Also charting on FMQB SubModern Albums Chart – #54 and FMQB SubModern Singles Chart – #116

Clayton Eddy- Drums, Vocals, Bass, and Lead Guitar

Phil Pierce- Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Bass, and Lead Guitar


FB www.facebook.com/buffalosexchange

Bandcamp buffalosexchange.bandcamp.com

IG www.instagram.com/buffalo.sex.change

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/04ZJEPlrRx2hIO548LMVZb

Soundcloud soundcloud.com/admirabletraitsrecords

Appreciate the consideration and listen, hope to speak soon!

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