Long Gone Blond “My Body is a Temple Not a Hole”

A hurt and haunted songwriter sings a psychedelic introspective song about a lover who has hurt her.  “My Body is a Temple Not a Hole” is an artist risk all in all, one of the only grabs at western standard songwriting is the drum back beat on the 2 and 4, otherwise “My Body is a Temple Not a Hole” is an experiment and a journey through the pains of actual heart ache.  The pains of actual heart ache are confusing, things become unclear and the use of echos on the vocals show a strong understanding of prosody from Long Gone Blond.  Juxtaposed to mainstream top forty disingenuous heartache this song is an accurate depiction of how it feels to have someone do wrong by you and the emotions that go along with it.

Long Gone Blond is a solo project from Maggie Maki. She is the producer, singer & songwriter. She records in her home studio creating mashups of samples & live takes (digital/analog), sometimes with friends/band members Dion Macellari & Andrew Thompson.

Her newest album Body is due out October 25, 2018 (she calls this her “cellular memoir”). Quiet Revolution EP (2012). Singles are Under the Hollywood SignIt’s a Sunshine Day (cover of the cult classic), and H.O.W.. All are available on iTunes and Spotify.

Her previous projects included Josephine the Singer. These songs were given a slight patina by Grundman Mastering.”

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