RedHook “Turn Up The Stereotype”

Boasting a sold out show in their home country of Australia and just in time for Halloween is RedHooks “Turn Up The Stereotype”.  Walls of heavy guitars and synthesizers are supported by heavy drums and bass and in turn support an aggressive female lead who has a singing timbre similar to Hayley Williams or Kristen May but with a production style more similar used on vocalists like Chester Bennington.  Effects and clever cuts are used to excite the vocal track and layers of synthesizers can be made out though they are subtle in nature and the band definitely leans more towards a hard rock band than synthesizer group.  Aggressive in nature “Turn Up The Stereotype” is a clever title because it is so close to ‘turn up the stereo’.  RedHook is for fans of Limp Bizkit, Evanescence, Bring Me The Horizon, or Falling In Reverse.

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For Fans Of: Bring Me The Horizon, Grimes, Ocean Grove, Tonight Alive, Hands Like Houses, Rage Against The Machine

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 “The band have claimed their position as scene trailblazers ready to push the boundaries of anthemic post-hardcore.” – (Bianca Davino, Don’t Bore Us)

“Dynamic and engaging – genre synergy at its best” – (Grace Farrell, FBI Radio)

“So cool. RedHook expertly tilt between vulnerable and furious.” – (Nastassia Baroni, Music Feeds)

“Juicy As fuck. RedHook effortlessly combine pop-sensibility with modern rock and a touch of post-hardcore. Flawlessly catchy, modern and mosh-inducing.” (Monica Strut, Heavy Mag)

 “RedHook will punch you right in the guts from the first listen.That’s not only because the music possesses a relentless intensity but also thanks to the emotional depth that sticks with you.” (Sam Murphy, Cool Accidents)

After their 2018 debut single ‘Minute On Fire’ exploded on YouTube with 1.8 million streams (largely thanks to fan-generated content) Sydney-based screaming rap-rock-electro-pop mutants RedHook have returned with their new single, ‘Turn Up The Stereotype’.

“I might be a fuck up, but at least my fuck ups are original,” roars vocalist Emmy Mack in the song’s psychotic two-step glitch breakdown, in a loud and furious statement of the band’s identity.

“I wrote this song because I was pissed off,” Mack explains.

“No matter who you are — whether you’re a musician, a sports person, a student, or if you work in some other field — you’ve probably encountered the type of person who takes pleasure in seeing you fail. Maybe who even goes out of their way to try to make it happen,” she continues.

“‘Turn Up The Stereotype’ is one part F-U to those real life bad guy stereotypes and a call for them to take a long hard look in the mirror, and one part empowerment anthem to everyone else who’s ever felt victimised by their sh*t.”

A combustible cocktail of Mack’s acidic lyricism and venomous vocal hooks and guitarist Craig Wilkinson’s groove-fuelled riffage and EDM-influenced production, ‘Turn Up The Stereotype’ was produced by Stevie Knight (Trophy Eyes, Stand Atlantic) and Dave Petrovic (Northlane, Tonight Alive), mixed by James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Hands Like Houses) and mastered by Steve Smart (Parkway Drive).

RedHook will toast the release of ‘Turn Up The Stereotype’ in their hometown of Sydney with a now totally SOLD OUT live launch at alternative nightclub AM//PM (a stage that now feels very much like home) on Saturday, 27th October.

The release of ‘Turn Up The Stereotype’ also coincides with the band’s announcement as part of Australian Music Week’s curated four-band heavy music showcase, which will take place at Cronulla’s Miranda Hotel on Thursday, 8th November.

After a year spent earning a dedicated following on the live circuit and sharing stages with the likes of Dream On Dreamer, The Getaway Plan, Stand Atlantic, Dear Seattle and Thornhill, RedHook are now launching full force, with an arsenal of more huge tunes still to come.

SAT 27 OCT: AM//PM @ The Burdekin Hotel, Sydney




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