“The Vanishing” Eden Mullholland

With a 90s rock swagger combined with modern day production techniques we introduce “The Vanishing” Eden Mullholland.  The instrumentation of the arrangement is familiar with layered guitars, bass, and punchy compressed drums.  The chorus features a soaring and angelic falsetto performance from Eden Mullholland that is infectious and charming.  The slightly left of center guitar solo during the bridge section is what initially sold me on the song, aside from the badass dance skills featured in the video.  The solo starts with a drum fill run through a phasing effect and is simple at the beginning with a couple vocal layers to highlight and keep the listener engaged before going to a borderline metal solo that leads the listener back into the chorus finale.  For alt-rock fans and people who are into videos of cool dancing.  Eden Mullholland “The Vanishing” is definitely worth checking out.

Hailing from New Zealand, Eden Mullholland  is a prolific songwriter, producer, composer, video director, graphic artist and contemporary dancer who has maintained a unique style throughout his career, always managing to challenge his audience in everything he does. After years of producing weird and wonderful art while still attempting to conform to the norms of the industry, in 2017 Eden officially threw out the rule book and made a conscious decision to create and release art however the hell he wanted- and “The Vanishing” is the result.”

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