Aura Cools “Slow Summer”

Cool swagger like Amy Winehouse with a polished indie rock sound that sound like a dance party in the underground.  The tones of the instrumentation; guitars, bass, drums, and female vocals are authentic and organic.  “Slow Summer” by Aura Cools is a song that could be performed live which is refreshing in a world with so many studio tricks of chopping up the vocals and instruments into something that no longer sounds real, that’s exactly what this isn’t.  “Slow Summer” feels like the haze over Los Angeles while it is hot and the city streets are a concrete jungle around you, it’s okay though, you’re cool in your AC’d car or apartment getting high on legal weed listening to chill music that creates a sexy soothing vibe around your soul.


‘Slow Summer’ by @auracools is the first single to be released off the ‘Murray Lake Presents; SENTIR Vol. 01’ compilation.

Featuring 11 different artists, the compilation musically spans solo piano, psychedelic soul, electronica, funk and jazz.

@auracools //

Aura Cools makes contemporary music for classic souls. Its that psychedelic surf sound to turn your frown upside down 🙂

SENTIR Vol. 01 was recorded, produced and mixed by Murray in Sentir Studio.

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Release date:

12 October 2018

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