Josh Mover & The Shakers “The Gram” #validateme

Oh the satire.  Josh Mover & The Shakers “The Gram” points out flaws in the saturated, shallow, and marketing scheme that is Instagram.  While people use it for a number of reasons like getting their careers off the ground in modeling, music, etc.  Or just for trying to make people think they’ve got it together more than their neighbor.  Or maybe they just like posting provocative photography.  Who cares, “The Gram” is awesome!

“The Gram” starts out with a familiar overdrive guitar as the video opens on how my girlfriend and I generally start our day, on our phones.  Quickly joined by bass, drums, and male lead vocals this short song gets in and out and to the point in the best possible way it can.  “The Gram” is upbeat and energetic and the arrangement is layered with breaks and hooks.    A garage sound that is infectious and a hook that is unforgettable but also time stamped by capitalism, the act Josh Mover & The Shakers and their song “The Gram” are for fans of comedy rock acts maybe like; NoFX, Flight of the Concords, or Spinal Tap.  If you enjoy cultural relevance and overdrive guitars this is for you.


Josh Mover & The Shakers (JMATS) is the musical project of singer-songwriter Josh Mover. His band The Shakers are comprised of talented Toronto rock alumni: Andrew Heule (Calvin Love) behind the kit; Will Hunter (Nutrients) on the bass; and Joseph Landau (Formalists) with the flourishes on the lead guitar. Melding together a love of frenetic rock n roll, pop music and lyrical storytelling, they have garnered a reputation of putting on engaging shows that get audiences moving and singing along. Their debut EP, Into A Ghost, was premiered by New Noise magazine and was praised as an “absolute earworm of a listen”, earning them comparisons to Elvis Costello. Following its release, Josh and his band were awarded The Toronto Deli Magazine: Local Artist of the month in March 2018. More recently, in September, 2018, Josh returned to the studio with his band to record their most recent single “The Gram”, a cutting and humorous look at social medial addiction in the modern age. Furthermore, Josh just completed a music residency at the prestigious Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity where he focused on developing songs for the band’s first full length album.

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