Rach Brennan & The Pines “I Wanna See You”

Quirky and fun is Rach Brennan & The Pines “I Wanna See You”.  Dance around like a goofball in pure exuberance to this one.  Also they drink a lot of beer in this one, maybe if they come stateside (they’re from down undah) I’ll be able to point them in the direction of some awesome breweries in; Los Angeles, Nashville, Boston, NYC, and San Diego.  “I Wanna See You” has a familiar instrumentation of guitars, bass, drums, and just a few layers of vocal harmonies.  The hook on the chorus is infectious and memorable and will remain in your head after the song has ended.  Cute and quirky this song reminds me of the feeling I feel after a first date or making a really good connection with someone.  Put this on your uplifting and fun playlists but maybe not on your workout playlist because you might end up dancing around like a goof.  Check it out “I Wanna See You” by Rach Brennan & The Pines.


Rach Brennan & The Pines promise a sound that is completely their own; a quirky symbiosis of jangly indie-pop with a roots music aesthetic. The singer-songwriter’s sunny spirit is ever-present in the band’s music and captivating live performances.

Rach’s authentic indie-roots pop stylings have captivated audiences both in her home country of Australia and abroad. In 2015 Rach took her music on a solo endeavor to Europe, playing a string of 27 shows across 10 countries.

Upon returning home to Geelong, Rach Brennan & The Pines released the single “Weapon of Love”. The song was a huge success, reaching #4 on the iTunes Singer Songwriter charts in June 2018. The band even sold out TWO hometown single launches in under a week! Since then the band has gone on to support Australian music alumni Bob Evans, Lisa Mitchell, Kingfisha, Sahara Beck and The Teskey Brothers.

Now Rach Brennan & The Pines are back with their ode to young love, “I Wanna See You”, the first single from their Debut Album, scheduled for release in 2019.

“‘I Wanna See You’ is a song about young love. All the squishy, sappy stuff that goes through your head the first time you really feel it. The kind of stuff no one wants to say out loud – that’s what we put in the lyrics. It’s a sweetly naive kind of feeling, mirrored by the playful instrumental and the boy’s ‘ooh-la-la’ serenade”

– Rach Brennan

Read about the making of the video here: http://bit.ly/I_Wanna_See_You_Song_and_Vid_Quotes

WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR “I WANNA SEE YOU” HERE – http://bit.ly/I_Wanna_See_You_Vid

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