Stray Fossa “Bear the Waves”

Shimmery is a great word to describe “Bear the Waves” by Stray Fossa.  Chill vibes, almost like a chill-hop song but it is indie rock but a little more rock than indie rock.  Personally I like the way the song doesn’t beat around the bush and gets right into it.  “Bear the Waves” features a build on the kick drum that leads into an epic chorus and falls dramatically back into the vibey verse section which now features soaring ethereal falsetto backing vocals.  The second time around they do not hesitate to get back into the dynamically powerful chorus.  “Beat the Waves” by Stray Fossa is for people want a little more angst and pop-punk out of their middle of the road Mac DeMarco esque groups while also sounding somewhat familiar.  Definitely worth checking out and adding to your midday daydream playlists.

“Stray Fossa, formed by two brothers and childhood friends Nick Evans, Will Evans, and Zach Blount, have released their debut EP “Sleeper Strip” (September 2018). Stray Fossa plays indie rock and garage pop based out of Charlottesville, VA. “Bear the Waves”, the second track of the EP, highlights a shimmery guitar riff layered with hazy background vocals and speaks of challenging oneself while searching for connection.”

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