Through nostalgia Evan Ward creates a very romantic piece, “Still My Girl”

A sweet song written for his girlfriend Evan Ward “Still My Girl” features an old school sound that is missing in arrangements in music today.  Featuring a wide range of instruments from a legato string part to a well articulated piano track and a surf vibe guitar and a mariachi trumpet section.  “Still My Girl” is a clever throwback to days of old and the nostalgia aspect of this makes the piece still more romantic.  Attached below is the a write up about Evan Ward sent to me about the piece.


“0:00 – String Prelude

0:20 – Trumpet Intro

0:40 – Singing Starts

1:07 – Chorus

2:35 – Trumpet Interlude

3:04 – Final Chorus

3:33 – Bridge/Breakdown

3:48 – BIG MOMENT/Build Begins

4:04 – Outro Begins

4:49 – AWESOME Trumpet Line/Fade-Out Begins

“Still My Girl” began as more of a small, quiet reassurance to my girlfriend rather than a full production. I began writing the song in the spring of 2018 and was particularly saddened by the news at the time. Each headline was worse than the last. At the same time, my girlfriend was struggling to feel like she belonged. I wanted to incorporate all of these feelings into a song that would capture my thoughts and provide some hope for both of us. The first line, “the infrastructure is failing,” is an inside joke between the two of us.”

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