Baby FuzZ “Burial”

At first you might not be sure as the song builds into the chorus.  I guarantee the moment you hear this chorus you will be sold.  The vocals are powerful and epic and the dynamic and melodic range are something to be admired.


Baby FuzZ is here for your listening pleasure and he does not disappoint. Back at it again with another epic track, Baby FuzZ teases us with his new single “Burial,” a punk/alt/glam rock masterpiece.

Baby FuzZ is the king of dynamism. Melding and crossing genre lines, Baby FuzZ captivates your attention with silky smooth vocals, grungy/gritty hooks, and powerful lyrics. “Burial” is chill, it’s rock, it’s glam, it’s everything you want for this Halloween season.

“Burial” is equipped with this new video. A bad karaoke singer gets electrocuted and magically transforms into a pop star. In a bizarre accident, the entire bar and its gritty patrons are relocated onto the set of a cheesy 90s music video. It’s both a subtle dig at the corporate music industry and a tour de force of diy bravado. The video was shot in Portland and directed by Nesto and includes cameos by a few Portlandia regs and by a members of Blitzen Trapper and White Fang. Preview the video HERE.

Baby FuzZ recently released his track “Disneyland” which douses chill alt pop with some glam rock lighter fluid, making for a listening experience that will blow your cartoon socks off.

Not only is the song a bop, but Baby FuzZ released this throw-you-for-a-loop video to go with it and it is worth stopping what you’re doing to watch. The video for “Disneyland,” directed by Peter English, is the story of an open human / puppet relationship gone haywire. It’s a gender fluid googly-eyed, faux fur trainwreck, and we love every second of it.

Cowritten with Babydaddy of legendary NYC band Scissor Sisters, what “Disneyland” lacks in emotional depth it makes up for in shameless lasciviousness. “I don’t want to be your boyfriend…I just wanna be a player, and ride the rides like it’s Disneyland,” he says. Well hey – at least it’s honest.

Fox adds, “It’s coming from a male voice which I think is funny, because men aren’t expected to admit to being libertines, we’re expected to lie about it. I thought that was actually refreshing to just tell the truth.”

Flaunt Mag says “Featuring a pink puppet and human love interest, the video for ‘Disneyland’, directed by Peter English, is wildly creative, and refreshingly relatable…Baby FuzZ offers us a new truth wrapped in an unsuspecting package.”

Baby FuzZ his single “Shadowland” and its accompanying video, which is a nod to American suburban life and all its blasé routine. Each character, however, is replaced by a dark, shadowy figure like something out of a horror movie. It is a critique of American aloofness and indifference, and hints at something far more sinister lurking under the surface.

Buzzbands LA says, “The video for the song follows black-cloaked figure moving by rote through daily life – some heavy symbolism to go with Baby FuzZ’s crushingly gorgeous piano ballad and its arching commentary that on the ‘Highway to Elysium / Fell asleep at the wheel.'”

EARMILK says “Shadowland,” “grabs us by the throat and tugs ferociously at our heartstrings.”

Hillydilly says, “‘Shadowland’ is sonically gorgeous. The Montreal singer delivers an emotional cut with this release.”

With a voice that transcends time, Baby FuzZ grabs your attention with honeyed vocals and a moving melodies.

Fox explains, “In 2017 I moved to Canada for a year. Eventually, my passport ran out and I came back to the US. ‘Shadowland’ is a protest song about myself. I’m protesting my hypocrisy, my lack of empathy, my greed, my loneliness, and my complicitness to everything my taxes go toward. It’s easy to protest other people or institutions. Look in the mirror and protest yourself. That’s ‘Shadowland.'”

After moving to Montreal from New York after the 2016 election, Fox created the alter ego and made a full length album based around the character. It was pieced together from recordings started in Montreal, New Jersey, Oregon, and Norway.

In late 2017 Baby FuzZ released his single “Cig,” which reached the #2 on Hype Machine and began to gather some critical acclaim for its unique pitch shifted sound and songwriting prowess.

Hillydilly says “Cig,” “is filled with richly satirical lines about American culture, and it’s got a super contagious melody as well. It’s ear candy that makes you think…”

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