Chasing Embers “Silent House”

Angst, driven, focused, and angry is “Silent House” by Chasing Embers.  Hailing from Ukraine this song is as epic as it gets for fans of heavy music.  Pumping double kick drums, distorted walls of guitars, and an epic layer of vocals fronted by a female singer with an incredible range both dynamically and melodically.  Some highlights for me are the choreography within the arrangement and how the band moves together as a unit.  Also the second note in the chorus where you think the singer isn’t about to go beyond and you’ve reached the apex all of a sudden she’s gone even higher and more aggressive right before the whole band yells “JUMP!” and you’re back into the driven chaos.  The guitar solo is lamenting and dramatic but also dark and epic like an Avenged Sevenfold solo right before the breakdown and I’m sure a massive pit opens up at a live show.  “Silent House” by Chasing Embers is for fans of; metal, Guano Apes, System of A Down, Deftones, Ghost, Rammstein, Slipknot, Jinjer, marilyn manson, Annihilator,Papa Roach, Mastodon

Chasing Embers is a Ukrainian Alternative Metal band based in Kyiv. The band was formed in early 2016 by the former members of Raider band and a new member Julia Tallina on vocals.”

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