Darksoft “Elk Cloner”

The song that plays when the protagonist of the movie is experiencing any sort of epiphany and the montage of realization is playing in the background, maybe in slow motion like the way “Elk Cloner” by Darksoft listens.  Authentic and organic rock band performing with guitars, bass, and drums and just a couple vocal tracks.  I really enjoyed that start in the second verse and jump to a whole octave during the second chorus.  If slow and heavy is how you like it then “Elk Cloner” by Darksoft is for you.  The band is for fans of; Starflyer 59, POND, TOY, Elliot Smith.  Please see attached artist biography below.

Evoking a nostalgia for 2000s sadcore, Darksoft harkens an Elliot Smith and Bright Eyes vocal style, crunch guitar like Staryflyer 59, and an overall garagey sound reminiscient of 90s shoegaze. Mydoom, to be released 10/17, is a single off “Brain,” which is coming out on 10/26.

With guitar driven hooks, crystalline vocal melodies, and powerful songwriting, Darksoft will haunt your very digital mainframe. Darksoft finds inspiration in the encrypted, hidden motives that infect modern society, love, and communication. In this concept-driven project, every song is named after an infamous computer virus like Heartbleed, Mydoom, Code Red, ILOVEYOU, and others.

Bill Darksoft, from Seattle, leads the Darksoft project. He also runs Look Up Records and has been a part of many Seattle-based projects throughout the years.


Distanced through haunted screens, we rely on spooky contact that we don’t fully understand. At times, dark forces lurk on the other end, with a motive to con. Always a silhouetted hooded presence, the hacker has become our modern portrayal of Death; captor to the mind and its web of memories. As we stare deeper and deeper into the glowing comfort of this synthetic deception, trust has become the challenge of our modern paradigm, and the cyberscape the new Great Unknown. Swirling out of this virtual vortex, Brain (2018) is named after the first ever computer virus from the year 1986, with all songs named after infamous viruses that followed. At its core, Brain is a story not only of the brain, but of the heart, as both confront trust and deception, the real and the synthetic, the mind and the motherboard, and the dark web connecting it all where the matter of our endless identities can be created as quickly as it can be erased, infected, encrypted…or simply revealed for what it truly is, beneath the hood…

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