Leave It To Us “Electric Love”

It is a familiar, tried and true pop-punk sound.  Two distorted guitars, bass, thrashing drums and a heartfelt anthem feeling vocal performance.  “Electric Love” is nostalgic for this past summer moshing to bands like Simple Plan by the beach for Vans Warped Tour 2018 in California.  The guitar solo is pretty incredible.  This is the kind of song you just want to get up and dance to like a goofball.  I’d air drum to “Electric Love” in my car while on a date and that person I’m with would instantly fall in love with me, right?  You should try it because I bet for the most part that’s what happens.  For fans of everything pop-punk so; New Found Glory, Simple Plan, All Time Low. DEFEND POP PUNK!  See attached streaming YouTube link as well as some cool information from the band themselves!

Electric Love is a pop rock song celebrating the achievement of love. It’s the elation we all feel with a new relationship. The feeling that nothing else in your life can top. It is a tale of young love from the perspective of a boy who’s just won the relationship lottery. From start to finish “Electric Love” brings good vibes and high energy.

An explosive alternative band out of Coral Springs, Florida, Leave It To Us has an upbeat, energizing sound that captures the melodies of the 90’s and the catchy harmonies of today’s pop music. Formed in late 2009, Leave It To Us has shared the stage with acts like All Time Low, Sum 41, Hit The Lights, The Summer Set, and many more. They have performed at prestigious events such as Vans Warped Tour, The Driven Music Conference, and were even nominated for 3 Artists in Music Awards in 2013. Evan, Micah, Dustin and Sean are a group of four friends brought together by the passion of music. The band is currently gearing up to release 4 new singles and hit the road touring the US this fall. Be ready to jump around, sing your heart out, and have a great time with friends…because that’s exactly what they do.

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