The BrightSlide “Jealousy”

Not sure what it is about living in Utah that creates an atmosphere for great bands to sprout from.  The BrightSlide allows your mind to wander into a daydream similar to a Disney movie with its cute and uplifting energetic chorus that perfectly describes the feeling of a youthful heart experiencing jealousy.  The chorus feels so bouncy and exuberant because of the dynamic accent on the and of every beat with the hi-hat which is what makes you want to dance around to “Jealousy”.  My one complaint about the song is the drums don’t always sound authentic when the hi-hat is open before the second chorus.  Regardless I’d still highly recommend checking out “Jealousy” because of the poignant lyrics and uplifting energy used in the arrangement.  While the singer is singing about being jealous I’m actually feeling very lighthearted and carefree.  Please check out this song on Spotify below as well as a short and cheeky band biography


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