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POMPOM “Skull”

Pompom releases their latest music video “Skull” featuring otherworldly visuals, ethereal synthesizers, and atmospheric vocals that are enchanting to listen to.  The beats are nostalgic for 80’s synthpop but the music seems like it’s own niche that POMPOM is carving out.  Moving forward I can see a lot of anime fans getting really into Pompom, maybe her demographic are people who go to Comic Con and enjoy cosplay.  Pompom has released three songs on streaming services which you can check out.  Halloween can’t decide which weekend it wants to be on so jam out to some Pompom and enjoy your Halloween in November.

Announcing the Halloween music video release of ‘Skull’ from POMPOM.

“Skull” is an ethereal Halloween trance from anime-tinged dream pop artist, POMPOM.

The single can be streamed on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and more. You can find more about POMPOM through the social media links below.

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