VOLK “Honey Bee”

Things I want to do while listening to do while listening to “Honey Bee” is drink Jack Daniels Honey.  Volk is a dynamic duo who like to play music that rocks hard and is overall a good time.  “Honey Bee” starts out with thrashing drums and a squealing guitar.  Verse enters with a four on the floor and to my delight and surprise the female drummer Eleot Reich is singing through what sounds like a bit of tube compression and overdrive.  “Honey Bee” is a lot of thrashing riffs and sex.  The video is hot, featuring a girl getting honey dripped over her in a shirt that says honey and some of the band playing in front of a yellow backdrop.  With squealing guitars, fun and energetic vocals that fit the pace of the song, and a kick ass video I’d definitely recommend checking out “Honey Bee” by Volk.

VOLK is the dynamic power duo that roars with a mix of high- octane rock n roll, classic country swagger, and heart- wrenching soul. Their live performances radiate with Chris Lowe’s (TX, vox and guitar) and Eleot Reich’s (CA, vox and drums) raw energy, pageantry, and wide range of musical influences. VOLK is loud suits and even louder amps, it’s shiny sequin dresses and an even shinier drum set; VOLK’s a damn fun show.

Since settling down in Nashville in 2017, VOLK has opened for such acts as Left Lane Cruiser (IN), Royal Thunder (GA), Diarrhea Planet (TN), Shooter Jennings, Mayeux and Broussard (TX), The Ghost Wolves (TX), Brother O’​ Brother (IN), CATL (Toronto) and John Evans (TX).

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