The Comancheros “Time Machine”

This is the first song off of the upcoming album, “Heavy & Western.” H&W will be released worldwide via Treehoss Records on November 23rd.

This is a fun good ole boys country song that features an arrangement familiar to everyone, a bright layer of guitars, heavy compressed punchy drums and the drummer opens and closes the hi-hat with the dynamic changes between verse and chorus, and an authentic cool guy frontman that just wants to have a good time.  The trios music video kicks major ass when they drive through the country to go and steal some beer from the distribution center in Kirksville, MI which also happens to be the lead singers hometown.  I’d love to see this band on Broadway in Nashville, maybe they’d share some of that stolen Pabst Blue Ribbon with me.  This song was refreshing in a couple ways one of which is that while the music video featured beer it wasn’t the focal point of the lyrics. In my opinion a lot of well produced pop country that you hear today the word “beer” gets thrown around too much as a cheap hook for the lazy music fan however “Time Machine” had more rock and roll and outlaw country to me.  Definitely for fans of a good time “Time Machine” by The Comancheros.
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