Clark Twain “Try Too Hard”

“Try Too Hard” is the second single off of Clark Twain’s debut full-length album, Life is Wonderful which is to be released November 6 of this year.  Very chill vibes on “Try Too Hard” that fit with acts like Tame Impala or Mac DeMarco, however I find Clark Twain to have a less atmospheric voice and more of a compelling and familiar sound to the way he sings.  The slow pacing of the song and the well placed synth riffs make this song a sort of lazy Sunday, stoned with your friends, drinking mimosas, and playing chess (or whatever you want to play).  Chess and mimosas was my last weekend and it was a lot of fun.

“Try Too Hard” also has lyrics that are introspective and question life choices, it is a very interesting song indeed.  Clark Twain has also had a very interesting musical background which he has agreed to let me share his letter to myself below.



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