Tallbird “New Machine”

Brooklyn based dream pop outfit Tallbirds song “New Machine” is both sweet and tender. “New Machine” features abstract lyrics that portray a difficult relationship between lovers.  The selling point for the track for me was in the lush arrangement which features layer upon layers of hooks.  If you’re listening to the main melody your ears might be drawn to some nice “nah-nahs” in the background, and just when you think the hooks have stopped, BOOM. Tallbird pulls out a muted trumpet sample that compliments the mixture of contemporary and modern production in the synthesizers with the “nah nahs” from the 90s or early 00s, and the muted trumpet could date all the way back to the roaring 20s.

Before the first synth part hit I thought the whole song was going to in a grunge direction because of the effected angst driven electric guitar. Then Tallbirds reminded me the band was from Brooklyn with the entrance of sampled drums and synthesizers.  The production reminds me a ton of acts you might have found on Jeff Prices label SpinART Records from the 90s such as The Apples In Stereo.  Big fan of this track and looking forward to what is to come for Tallbird!

Beware if you listen once you’re going to definitely get hooked and have the song on repeat for at least 30 minutes.  Find below some cool information from the artist about the production and a brief history of influences.

From the artist:

“New Machine” is the opening track on Tallbird’s mini-album Sunburn. It’s a dreamy indie pop song featuring a dynamic melodies, sample-heavy production, jangly guitars, and just a touch of 90s-inspired nah-nah-nah backing vocals.

Tallbird is a Brooklyn-based indie pop band. Their sound is influenced by 90s bubblegum pop, filtered through a contemporary dream-pop haze. Their music features sampled hip-hop drum loops, airy vocals, chopped horn and voice samples, and jangle-pop guitars.

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