Stealing Oceans “On My Wave”


Emotionally uplifting and relaxing at the same time and starting off like a track you’d hear on your favorite chill music to study too YouTube playlist, Stealing Ocean gives you “On My Wave”.  “On My Wave” atmospheric vibe is quickly joined by a filtered drum track sound that lasts for four measures while the infectious refrain introduces itself.

“Float away yeah, throwing deuces to the drama, everyday yeah, on the cover get riding on my wave, riding my wave yeah”

Re-enter filtered drums and the verse vocals, which are a mellower performance than the uplifting hook while the vocal melody stays in roughly the same range.  As the verse builds layers of synthesizers enter and the filter comes of the drums as Stealing Oceans builds back to the refrain.

The pre-chorus is a classic no rhythm section arrangement so when the chorus hits you feel it twice as hard.  The refrain is infectious and the layers of the arrangement change cleverly for example on the third refrain the snare doesn’t hit on the four which gives the section a new vibe.  The middle eight is the mellowest the song gets with the largest build, in my opinion, using an added filter on the lead vocals and a smooth saxophone solo.  Spacey and atmospheric with an auto-tune vocal that we do not normally feature in the Its Not Records club.  The final refrain is a culmination of all elements originally featured in the song and the outro is a swift fade out on an organ while a synthesizer motif repeats itself and some block chords are layered in.

“On My Wave” speaks not only to hip-hop culture but to real verses fake friends which seems to a common thread between all artists, the topic reminds me of early Fall Out Boy “Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends”.  This track is for fans of; Macklemore, Gym Class Heroes, Hoodie Allen and Jon Bellion.  Please see attached artist biography and Spotify streaming link below.


“It’s rapper and lyricist Brian Thompson’s love for words and melodies that steered him away from the grip of a five-year struggle with drugs and alcohol. Now sharing his positivity as the front man and leader of Stealing Oceans, he has created a unique sound to help spread positivity and remain an encouraging influence.

Stealing Oceans has been honing their hip-hop sound, drawing influences from the likes of Macklemore, Gym Class Heroes, Hoodie Allen and Jon Bellion. They have seen early signs of success with their debut single “Blueprint” and EP Let The Kids Play earning love from critics around the U.SIndie music blog Nashville Unsigned said of the EP, “Stealing Oceans is here to provide you with music of substance and realness.”

The group’s energetic live show – which includes stage dives, crowd surfing and backflips – has not gone unnoticed either, with the band being nominated for “Best Live Act” three years in a row at the Nashville Industry Music Awards. The band has been on their ON MY WAVE tour all summer, with stops throughout the USA and Europe — LA, NYC, Dallas, Chicago, Nashville, Sweden, Norway. They also played at KAABOO Del Mar in San Diego where they were dubbed “undisputablely the best set of KAABOO 4.”

“On My Wave” is the group’s latest release and the closest they’ve come to capturing their incredible live show on a recording. It was written by frontman Brian Thompson and writer/production duo Schmarx & Savvy of Los Angeles. It was recorded at Starstruck Studios in Nashville — Starstruck also manages the group. Thompson said of the song, “The song is about vibrating on a higher frequency and not letting anything affect your mind state. Our camp is on the come up and everything just feels right at the moment which has heightened our overall vibe. The first verse is about certain people who I have weeded out of my life because I realized they were using our friendship as an opportunity for me to provide them with something they didn’t have. In the second verse, I talk about my relationship with my fans. I love them. A lot of them open up to me about things they are struggling with and we have built a beautiful relationship together. I’m grateful for where I am and I continue to use our platform to promote love and positivity in an effort to get everyone vibing on a higher level.”


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