Jack Binkerd “Where It Goes”

One of the coolest parts of “Where It Goes” is the verses that use a well choreographed duo vocals and guitar lick to create a solid sense of rhythmic center for your ear to catch onto.  Familiar to classic rock or rhythm and blues tunes you’ve heard before Jack Binkerd has a really good sense of combining various influences to create an engaging and enjoyeable indie rock song.  Not to be overlooked is the virtuoso guitar solo bridge that is refreshing to my ears given how few skilled guitarists I hear who are also accomplished singers and songwriters.  Looking forward to what is to come from Jack Binkerd, my only constructive feedback would be to head over to a studio in Nashville, LA, or NYC and really crank up the production level because the songwriting choices were so awesome.  Check out the song below as well as a brief artist biography!

“Three words come to mind when thinking of Jack and his music: imaginative, tasteful, and eager. While stylistically selective, he actively appreciates all ways in which music is made. His purposeful themes compounded with technical and melodic skill create something totally, sonically, awesomely fresh. Think Jeff Buckley as a reference for vocal and lyrical style. Add a dash of Jerry Reed, a little D’Angelo, and a hint of Dimebag Darrell, and you’ve somehow got yourself an Alabama boy named Jack Binkerd.”

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