Christoffer Berg “Infiltrator”

Raspy vocals and an atmospheric lush arrangement that is reminiscent of when David Bowie was in his hay day.  I was instantly sold by the rock and roll guitar riff that drew influence classical music.  “Infiltrator” by Christoffer Berg is relaxing and spacey for a lazy day where you feel like a puppet on a string sitting on a couch watching the day turn into night.  It reminds me of a late night drive between Los Angeles and Las Vegas similar to a feeling I would be given by Hunter S. Thompson Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. This is a follow up single to Christoffer Bergs first single “Unexpected Understanding” which can be streamed on Spotify and other streaming services.  Check out more about the song below!


Following debut single Unexpected Understanding, Copenhagen-based artist Christoffer Berg returns with a catchy new release. Infiltrator is out now via We Are Suburban.

Inspired by Roger Moore’s portrayal of James Bond in 1979’s ‘Moonraker’, Infiltrator is an uplifting and instantly infectious slice of nostalgic alt-pop. Oozing Berg’s raw, gritty vocals and scuzzy hooks, it flows with soaring, twinkling melodies, creating a dreamy psychedelic soundscape. Interweaving rich layers of musicality, it’s a truly cinematic sonic delight from this versatile artist.

Of the track, Berg explains: “Roger Moore was almost a parody of himself. In Moonraker especially, he seems like he has kind of lost the plot. Him, his extravagant looks and this extremely cheap looking plastic scenography somehow attracts me. And I can certainly draw lines between him and the whole rock n roll cliché.”

Having previously received acclaim from the likes of With Guitars and Vents Magazine for debut single Unexpected Understanding, Christoffer Berg is now ready to unleash his authentic, nostalgia-tinged sounds into our ears once more with the enlivening, quirky spirit of Infiltrator. 

Infiltrator is out now via We Are Suburban.

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