Speak, Brother “Meet Me In The Chaos

Sparse and on the edge of the chaos Speak, Brother “Meet Me In The Chaos” is an epic piece of art.  Invoking emotions of romance, nostalgia, and urgency while remaining behind a calm beat “Meet Me In The Chaos” gives me chills.  The performance by the band and vocalist create imagery for this listener that is of my older brother with a hand out stretched on the edge of a cloud that is representative of the chaos that exists in the climate of today beckoning me and saying it is up to us be brave.  This is a song I could have on repeat for days.  Speak, Brother might be my new favorite act.  An incredible amount of props on this new tune and to find out how it came to be read below! You won’t regret it, it is a very uplifting story.


The Story of “Meet Me In The Chaos”
After completing the 3 Peak Challenge together raising money for the charity Hope and Homes for Children, the band wanted to
continue the spirit of working with others into their songwriting by inviting their fans to be part of it. Starting with only the title of the
song, fans were asked to share stories, art, poetry or anything that resonated with them with the phrase ‘Meet Me In The Chaos’.
The band had a 3 day writing retreat booked the following week with the challenge to both write and record a demo of the song
with pages of raw stories of suffering, struggle and hope. One of the overriding feelings we got from reading people’s stories was
our shared suffering and how much we all deal with beneath the surface of our every days lives.
Even the simple act of honestly sharing a part of our story helps us all meet with each other where we are now and helps us realise
how connected we all are. Because of this, we wanted the song to focus on the present moment. The meeting with the other where
order slowly forms from chaos. Rather than dwelling in the past or hoping the future to somehow be different or better. It was the
most challenging, inspiring and exciting writing experience the band have had to date.
The painting in the artwork was painted by fan Martyn Kitney and contributed along with his story of chaos.

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