Invoking an ominous sense of mystery this is dark indie song by the Gravity Drive “The Widlight”

Invoking an ominous sense of mystery this is dark indie song by the Gravity Drive “The Widlight” features both male and female vocals as well as layered guitars, groovy and playful drumming, as well as a string section and more.  “The Wildlight” is a dark song with questioning lyric themes and causes imagery of rural landscapes in the setting sun with ritual and tribal sounding vocal melody as the outro.  Featuring strong prosody and imagery “The Wildlight” is an inspiring track that would turn a campfire into a bonfire.

“Married duo Ava and Elijah have throughout the course of their lives been curious about the nature of reality.

The songs that make up their new album due for release in 2019 and this new single, ‘The Wildlight’, are born out of their philosophical wonderings, searching beyond what we are told, sold and programmed to believe and the journey of awakening to return to sovereignty.

Amisdt the drama and hyperbole around the Mayan calendar prophesizing the end of the world in 2012 there was another school of thought claiming humanity was being ushered into a new age of awareness and a shift of consciousness was coming offering hope for a new earth and that through opening our hearts and minds humanity could access a quantum realm, a new level of connection to super consciousness where no matter exists and all potentialities can be made real.

Around this time Ava was struck down with chronic pain for which she was told there was no cure. Not willing to resign herself to that reality Ava came across an online community of spiritually inclined people that call themselves Lightworkers who had a different perspective and point of view on what these symptoms were and why people were experiencing them.

Their belief is that our planet is being bombarded with encoded light which is affecting each and every one of us to a greater or lesser degree.

This encoded light is thought to be contributing to the raising of vibration/frequency within our personal energy fields giving us the opportunity to connect with the unified field of pure source consciousness and become light body and that this 2012 apocalypse was a ‘lifting of the veil’ as in the original meaning of the word, it was an opportunity to go beyond what we think and feel and believe to be true in our perceived 3 dimensional reality and to transcend old programming.

As weird and as bonkers as it sounded Ava was empowered and inspired to look within, embarking on a spiritual journey which lead to a massive transformation. New single ‘The Wildlight’ is the triumphant soundtrack to this magical mystery tour.”

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