The Color Canvas “Polar Attraction”

Featuring a large dynamic range, well produced vocals over swirling guitars, and intense lyrical content.  “Polar Attarction” by The Color Canvas is an intense rock song with a haunted and evocative lead vocals belts through a memorable chorus.  The timbre of the vocals is comparable to Three Days Grace but the instrumentals have more of a 30 Seconds To Mars atmosphere.  “We could be satellites” is a line you’re really going to have trouble getting out of your head after you listen to this given the heartfelt, authentic, and powerful vocal performance.

“This is the first single off our follow-up album to our Billboard charting debut in 2016 (previous single reached #34 Billboard indicator, #1 on the BDS Neilsen US indie chart for 3 weeks running). It is a completely reimagined sound for the band and we are extremely proud of this new musical direction.”

The Color Canvas formed in Denver, Colorado in 2015 bound by vision, determination to keep live music plugged in, and by a sound that blazes the cycle of musicianship. After several projects grew apart, Drummer DJ Amott of England crossed paths with Denver session guitarist, Scott Walker. Walker, former guitarist to the now defunct H*Wood, had material in the works making Amott a perfect fit. Walker had also been playing with local band Genre Theory as a vocalist/guitarist and decided to reach out to the former vocalist (Todd Pasternak) to weigh in on what he and Amott were creating. The writing process came much easier than anticipated and The Color Canvas was born. After nearly a year of writing and collaboration, they released the EP, “Just in Time,” in the fall of of 2016 recorded at Blasting Room Studios in their home state of Colorado. In November of 2016 their hit single “Love Your Life” topped the Billboard Indie New Music Weekly Chart and Billboard Top 40 Indicator Chart at #7. The song “State of Being Mine” was featured on Amazon Video’s “Teens 101” series in the fall of 2017. The 3-piece is now working on 2 follow up singles, “Polar Attraction,” and “Down,” set to release in the fall/winter of 2018 promising a new direction and progression to listeners.


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