Okay Mann “It Won’t Be Long”

Tender and featuring virtuoso fingered guitar with a soothing voice that spurs an urgency of separated lovers.  The video fits the lyrics with well constructed prosody.  The cold and overcast day with the solitary man has a lonely and slightly depressing atmosphere that is fitting.  However the song while lonely has an uplifting hook that reminds the listener that whatever emotional hardship they might be facing it won’t be long until they’re through and everything is much better.  A song for your quiet Sunday morning coffee and a tranquil moment of self reflection Okay Mann gives you “It Won’t Be Long”

About The Song:

‘It Won’t Be Long’ tells the story of a lonely man left behind. Straddling the line between invention and convention, the tune’s uplifting pop sensibility helps the dark lyrics hide in plain sight. ’It Won’t Be Long’ begs the question: “What would you do to be next to the one you love?” with simple, patient, production and the melancholy twinge of honesty. I’m open to offers to premiere the song – if you are interested, please let me know!

About The Video:

While in transit from Canada to Norway, Okay Mann’s Katlin Mathison added a short pit stop: a 7-hour layover in Iceland. Not one to waste the opportunity, Mathison connected with JNS Vision, a team of filmmakers based in Reykjavik and came up with the concept for the It Won’t Be Long video. It tells the story of a isolated person struggling to come to terms with his lover’s suicide, a nod to Rúnar Rúnarsson’s 2004 short film, The Last Farm. After a hectic day of shooting in various locations across south-western Iceland, Mathison raced in his rental car to catch his connecting flight to Oslo to finish tracking the accompanying song.

About The Okay Mann:

5’11”, 150 lbs, and eyes like his father; meet Katlin Mathison – otherwise known as Okay Mann. Katlin upholds the indie folk tradition of the rolling stone. 4 years of session work, relentless travel, and a mentorship with Paul McCartney, and a gold single in Norway have eventually led him back to the harsh winters of his home on the Canadian prairies.

In 2017, while exploring both modern recording technology and traditional analog methods, Okay Mann teamed up with Norwegian producer Ni…

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