Final Stair “End of Love”

U.K. rock act Final Stair “End of Love” has been featured on notable publications and received synchronization placements on Netflix originals.  A major selling point of “End of Love” for myself personally was the dynamic diversity between the verses and choruses.  Lyrically the song follows a path that is smart in the way it transitions between to the pianissimo and forte sections.  Emotionally evocative and hard hitting is “End of Love” by Final Stair.

The three artists behind Final Stair call themselves blood brothers for a reason. The twins and their best friend on the drums possess the same creative vision. After the release of their single Over The Top in 2016, the acoustic version Over The Top (Acoustic) was licensed to NETFLIX for use in one of their original series. The band gained international attention when viewers of the series started to search for the song on Shazam.

Final Stair create an audacious sound, combining pop, modern rock, post-rock, stoner rock and blues. Their songs capture bold, genuine and direct tones.

The band is very international. The twins have Hungarian roots but the band lived in the UK, France and Germany. Naturally, the end result is a breeding ground for a variety of stories from the trio’s rich background.

The trio formed in 2012 and have already gained international attention through their major tour throughout China in 2015 with a sold-out show at MAO Livehouse, Shanghai. The following year, the triplets played two extended tours through Central and Eastern Europe, with Universal Music signing them onto their publishing division (UPM) in the same year.

Though Final Stair’s timeline might seem short, the trio’s back catalogue is already brimming with several highlights and success – with undoubtedly more to come.

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