David McFarlane “Miss Kubelik”

Comparable to an edgier James Mercer we give you “Miss Kubelik” by David McFarlane.  The guitars are gritty yet melodic and the vocals are somber yet driving.  The song builds in a way that sounds as though the song is in a constant crescendo while not varying so much dynamically.  The songs layers are a familiar drums, bass, guitar, and male vocals.  Sonically “Miss Kubelik” is very pleasing and easy to listen to.  For fans of acts who like both the Shins and 90s fuzz.

David McFarlane is a singer-songwriter/visual artist who hails from Toronto, Canada, and has a passion for vibey, imagistic and atmospheric songs. His new album, “Fieldwork”, features sonically rich alt-folk / alt-rock, Canadiana-infused themes.

McFarlane’s poignant lyrics ring with raw emotion against an inventive meld of conventional and abstract tracks.

“I’ve always been inspired by records (and the people who make them) that unfold gradually, says McFarlane. Don’t get me wrong, I love the quick fix of a great pop song too, but I always come back to records that have mystery, depth, soul and originality – those that reveal more and more with every listen. I don’t like easy records. I don’t think I made an easy record.”

McFarlane is accompanied by good friends, family and long-time collaborators: Andrew Osborne, Brian McFarlane, Brad Kilpatrick, Jordan B. Wright, and Chris Bennett.

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