Esther Hazy “Eggs”

Starting off and getting straight to the point is a charming folk song by Esther Hazy, a three piece indie-folk band based in Montreal.  The guitar lick is a lovely skillful motif that compliments the spacing between the main melody with elegance and grace.  The lyrics are a touching ode to finding yourself through ones own spiritual journey and the trials and tribulations one encounters on the way.  Their is a repetitive theme to the title of the song on laying ones eggs and finding them broken as a metaphor for these hardships.  The kind of song you can draw your own meaning from given your own place in the world, this kind of straightforward ambiguity is very meaningful while also being understood by a wider audience.  The production and arrangement is fairly simple and the key selling point for me is the vocal timbres and the harmonies gone along with having each member being a skilled singer.  This track is definitely worth checking out, you can find a link to stream the video for “Eggs” by Esther Hazy as well as a longer biography from the band below.


Esther Hazy are a three piece indie-folk band based in Montreal featuring members from Australia and Canada. Following the ending of psyche-blues band Young Dogs in 2017, Ed Denton (vocals, guitar) and Paul Lucyk (vocals, guitar) and Neil Robinson (bass) started Esther Hazy, a more laid back indie rock group drawing inspiration from 90’s alternative rock such as Radiohead and Jeff Buckley as well as modern indie bands such as Alt J and Grizzly Bear. With Oliver Martins on drums, the band released their first EP “Live at The Paintshop” with accompanying videos of the live session.

Following the move of Martins to Ottawa in early 2018, Esther Hazy were joined by Walid Moon on drums and began work on their debut LP, a more folk style album in the vein of Father John Misty and Bon Iver, which was produced and recorded by Denton. Moon left the band after 6 months and the band continued to work on the album with a number of other drummers coming in to record and tour with the band. In late 2018 the band completed their album entitled “The War on Common Sense” which is due for release in January 2018.


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