4th Dimension “Woman”, get up and dance!

It is classic rock with a modern programmed drum approach that might be comparable to NYC acts Bronze Radio Return with a more club based sound.  This is the first release in a year from Belgium based band 4th Dimension.  “Woman” is an uplifting upbeat track with euphoric riffs and a chord progression that features a nice use of a line cliche that adds to the musicianship of the track.  The hook is infectious with female backing vocals syncopated singing “Woman”.  “Woman” features guitar solos that are driven and concise in phrasing as well as having some seriously fine riffs.  The clean rhythm guitar uses filters to enter between sections that invigorates the sound.  Eventually a slamming saxophone solo hits that jams to the end of the track as the hook repeats and eventually you’re stuck humming “Woman” by 4th Dimension for the rest of your day.  4th Dimension have been writing and recording music for a while now, check out “Woman” below as well as the artists biography and another link to stream their whole catalogue including “Long Time Ago” and “Circle”

It was on school benches that Maxime and Alexis met each other. Growing up as neighbors they discovered their common interest in music.

In 2010, after being in same band for a year, they started studying higher education. A year later, Alexis joined a rock band (Fugitives) allowing him to develop his musical sense and to perform on stages. At the end of 2014, Maxime discovered the world of electronic music and musical production.

Both friends start to compose music together. The song “Wolves” was born from their first collaboration. Then came “Long Time Ago” that was sent to several big YouTube Channels such as The Vibe Guide, MrRevillz and Get The Sound. The track was playlisted on more than 10 YouTube channels, reaching more than 1 million views and more than 1.2 millions streams on Spotify.

After such a craze, the two Brussel guys released “Australia”, signed on the record label The Vibe Guide. Three more tracks came out: “Nazali Mabe”, “Circle” and “Insecure”. After a one year collaboration, Maxime and Alexis performed their first show at the Brussels Gallery. A few shows followed leading the band to travel to Australia. There, they performed and shot their first music video.

4th Dimension are now ready to release their last single “Woman” on Riptide Records. The Belgians are ready to face a bright future.


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