The Arcadian Wild “Silence, A Stranger”

So this bands been at it for a hot minute having wracked up a pretty incredible 20,000,000+ streams on their 2015 self titled full length.  The Arcadian Wild “Silence, A Stranger” is a chilling folk track that captures the essence of the groups name within the songs sound.  A sense of urgency is establish by a lone guitar.  A voice with a tint of rasp joins as the song begins “Silence is a stranger that I’ve never let inside”.  The singer goes on to personify silence and build the relationship to one of a mentor before the chorus begins just before a minute and a half.  “Quiet come another time” as the harmonies descend into a reminder to look alive.  The second verse allows the family of the singer into this world the lyricist has built.  A second chorus with different structure as this time the three voices ascend asking for a reason why before they allow their instruments to search for their answers collectively.   The third chorus is a mezzo pianissimo version and the young virtuosos find their way out on their instruments in a decrescendo.

‘ Check out more of their catalogue below.

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